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Agricultural Growth across Crops and Regions-Emerging Trends and Patterns

There has been a significant upsurge in the production and productivity growth in Indian agriculture in recent years and it cannot be attributed merely to a favourable weather. On the contrary, it appears that a shift to higher growth path is underway. Afar more important role played by yield improvement in inducing higher growth in output demonstrates that the process of growth has been technologically more dynamic too. Another welcome feature of growth has been its wider dispersal across crops and regions, making it more broad-based in the 1980s.

Rural Credit Mystery of the Missing Households

Rural Credit: Mystery of the Missing Households K Seeta Prabhu Avadhoot Nadkarni C V Achuthan The substantial decline in the proportion as well as in the absolute number of households reporting indebtedness between 1971 and 1981 at both the all-India level and the states level, as revealed by the All-India Debt and Investment Survey, 1981-82, is indeed an intriguing development. This is particularly so as the decline has occurred during a period which has witnessed a phenomenal expansion in the institutional credit network in the rual areas. This paper is an attempt at understanding this issue in some detail.

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