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Second NLC: Labour in an Economy in Transition

The second National Commission on Labour has to tackle labourmanagement problems of a transitional economy, and do this in the face of scepticism that anything will come of its efforts. A review of the first six months of functioning and questions to be addressed.

Turnaround Management Role of Employees and Unions

Against the backdrop of increasing incidence of corporate sickness this paper discusses three instances of turnaround of sick units with the active involvement of workers. The case studies have been selected with a view to examining one case each where the initiative for turnaround came from professional management, trade union and the workers themselves. The paper focuses on the salient aspects of the emerging model and the issues and concerns that these case studies throw up.

Emoluments in Public Enterprises-Review of Pay Committee s Report

Review of Pay Committee's Report C S Venkata Ratnam This paper seeks to (a) present the context in which the High-Powered Pay Committee (chairman, justice R B Misra) was appointed; (b) briefly review the text of the report to present the issues and the committee's approach and recommendations in perspective; and (c) reflect on the situation arising out of the recommendations.

PORT LABOUR- Calm before Storm

PORT LABOUR Calm before Storm?
C S Venkata Ratnam THE nationwide strike, by over two lakh dock workers In 10 major ports in the country, which was to start from midnight of November 28, 1980, was averted at the last moment following negotiations between the Ministries of Shipping and Transport and Finance and the leaders of the port and dock workers' federations.

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