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White Violence in Colonial India

Colonial Justice in British India - White Violence and the Rule of Law by Elizabeth Kolsky (Cambridge University Press), 2010; pp 252, £ 55.

Dwindling Muslim Khakis

Khaki and Ethnic Violence in India: Armed Forces, Police and Paramilitary during Communal Riots by Omar Khalidi

Food for Thought

The Global Food Economy: The Battle for the Future of Farming by Tony Weis;

Historical Amnesia: The Romani Holocaust

The "Gypsies" in Europe who prefer to be called Romanies are of northern Indian origin and believed to have arrived in Europe in AD 1280. The Nazis liquidated them in large numbers during 1939-1945. At least half a million of them died along with Jews at the hands of the Nazis, but unlike the Jews, they have not received the attention they deserve. They remain victims of anti-"Gypsyism" and live as third class citizens in Europe even today.

Sky Above, Mud Below

The slum demolitions in Mumbai and Delhi are reflective of a deep prejudice against slum dwellers. It is imperative to legislate a national slum policy that respects the right to shelter of the urbanised poor living in slums.

Broken Windows and Zero Tolerance

This article discusses some controversial aspects of the theory of broken windows and its application to the strategy of zero tolerance in the policing of urban crimes. The strategy was first adopted by the New York police department during the tenure of Republican mayor Rudy Giuliani and has been strongly recommended for the policing of crime in other cities in the world.

'Holy Grail' of Giant Pharma

This article touches on some of the controversial patent-related strategies adopted by giant pharmaceutical companies in the US to limit the entry of cheap generic drugs and restrict competition.

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