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Divide to Rule

It is wrong to argue that new caste-based groups can be accommodated by renegotiating the political covenant ('Reservations and the Return of Politics', December 8, 2007). It is by extending reservations to ever new social fragments that the Indian state has neglected the real poor who transcend labels.

Classes and Communities: A Comment

Classes and Communities:
A Comment C P BHAMBHRI Andre Beteille, following in the footsteps of the best social theorists and philosophers of modern industrial capitalist societies, has performed a yeoman job by focusing attention on the problematic of

Reservations and Casteism

The growth of caste consciousness has hurt the development of progressive social consciousness among the oppressed and exploited millions of the labouring classes because caste ideology has made workers casteists and not fighters for secular anti-poverty programmes.

Dialectics of Caste and Casteism

Dialectics of Caste and Casteism C P Bhambhri POLITICAL parties and intellectuals of every theoretical and ideological persuasion have to grapple with the changing dynamics of Indian caste system and Javeed Alam in his

Globalisation and Social Science

C P Bhambhri THE issue of 'academic colonialism' had attracted a powerful response in the 1970s and I published articles on 'Political Science in India' in EPW(May 3, 1975) and 'Political Science' in S C Dubey (ed), Social Science and Social Realities (Simla, 1976). In both these intellectual interventions I had maintained that the Marxist intellectuals were involved in a contest against bourgeois neo-colonial social scientists and the agenda of 'academic colonialism' cannot have a smooth sailing in India. It has become essential to revisit this issue at the fag end of the 20th century because the global arrangements of power and domination have under gone a basic change and it has exercised a profound impact not only on the Indian path of capitalist development but also on every strata of society including social science intellectuals.

Students and Policemen-Image and Counter-Image

cycle. On the other hand as Table II shows, more than 70 per cent of the students had some vehicle or the other and about 4.8 per cent of them had a car.

Ideology and Political Parties in India

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