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Productivity and Source of Growth for Rice in India-A Few Comments

Productivity and Source of Growth for Rice in India A Few Comments C C Maji T Haque IN a recent article Kumar and Rosegrant (1995) claimed that 'research' explained 57.2 per cent of total factor productivity (TFP) growth in rice followed by 'agricultural terms of trade' (18.9 per cent) 'markets' (14.4 per cent), 'PN ratio' (9.9 per cent) and 'canal irrigation' (-0.3 per cent). The study has ostensibly created some myths through its misleading and erroneous conclusions which need to be exploded.

Productivity and Allocation of Resources between Rice and Jute in West Bengal

(i) examine the functional relationship between inputs of fertiliser, water, labour and plant protection devices and crop output; (ii) estimate the marginal products of each of these inputs in aman rice and jute in West Bengal; (iii) examine the elasticities of production with respect to different inputs and the returns to scale that prevail in production of these two crops; (iv) find out the optimum combination of the variable farm resources within aman rice and jute as well as between the two crops in order to maximise the total gross farm returns from these crops.

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