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West s Unacknowledged Debt

(p 203).2 It is with this deep-seated anxiety that modern feminism has found an unspoken resonance in the contemporary hysteria over the black rapist and mugger and the religious fanatic. The social powerlessness of the black male3 in racist white society is accurately reflected in hostility towards his sexuality, provoking, in turn, abandonment by women of his own community, to which his violently conservative reaction corresponds. The attendant counterpart feminist urge to liberate the black woman finds a historical echo of white male interest in the 'pretty ethnic', now the rage in men's magazines. In the words of Magistrate Samuel Sneade Brown of the 1830s ICS, the native woman: ".. .so amusingly playful, so anxious to oblige and please, that a person after being accustomed to their society shrinks from the idea of encountering the whims or yielding to the fancies of an Englishwoman" (quoted in Hyam p 117). Marxist opinion on racism still finds itself rabbiting on unstoppably about class oppression.

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