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IT: Deconstructing the Bust that Followed the Boom

This article argues that the IT wave never constituted an exception to the conventional laws of economics and uses traditional economic concepts to explain why the bust that followed the boom was only to be expected and how it does not invalidate the (actual as well as potential) benefits associated with IT.

Economic Consequences of Microelectronic and Telecom Revolution

The microelectronic and telecommunications explosion has changed the nature of markets and structure of firms, created new avenues of social mobility while rendering obsolete old skills, jobs and capital. By minimising transport cost it has reinforced the importance of economic principles like comparative advantage. One cannot, however, speak with the same assurance of the continued relevance of classical political theory: the new communications technology has fused and confused the realms of the local and the global and created virtual domains of globality with major implications for sovereignty and the nation state.

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