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Biomedical Innovation: Institutions and Practices

views also fail. The author argues that Biomedical Innovation:
falling back on concepts of institutions (as norms and/or rules, as in North (1990)) and contests between multiple institutions Institutions and Practices Biomedical Innovation in India: With a Comparison to China and Others by Parthasarathi Banerjee; Har Anand, Delhi, 2007; pp 276, Rs 495 (hardcover).

Cross-Cultural Studies in Management

in Management Multinationals in India: Managing the Interface of Cultures by J B P Sinha; Sage, New Delhi, 2004. pp 296, Rs 580 (hard cover), Rs 350 (paperback) BISWATOSH SAHA Managing the multiplicity of

State Support for Industrial R and D in Developing Economies

The importance of state support for industrial R and D in literature fails to take cognisance of the contextual specificity of late industrialising economies. The problem of inadequate investment in technology by domestic firms, engaged primarily in 'technology catch-up', is rooted in their dependence on technologically advanced foreign firms and their inability to break down non-technological barriers to entry in the product market. Through a comparative narrative of technology development under state support in India and China, this paper seeks to provide some evidence on the need to be sensitive to the stage of technological development, and the nature of industry in designing policies of state support for industrial R and D for effective intervention.

Emerging MNCs from China

Konka Group Company, China's best-selling colour television manufacturer, and several other large Chinese enterprises have been expanding overseas with considerable success in recent years. Like the Japanese and the Koreans who emerged as global players earlier, they have been helped along by exceptional support from domestic financial institutions, the adoption of facilitative policies by their government and fast assimilation of imported technologies. But whether or not China will be the next 'Asian tiger' remains to be seen.

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