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Dimensions of Party System Change-Case of Madhya Pradesh

Case of Madhya Pradesh Bashiruddin Ahmed V B Singh Is the revival of one-party dominance, soon after its apparent break-down in 1967, due to a major realignment of support for different parties in the system or is it a reflection of "structural consolidation', or both? Or is this revival a result of the operation of some other processes? To what extent have the various processes, jointly or separately, changed the party system? What further changes are they likely to bring about in its mechanics and,'or its format in the foreseeable future?

VOTING IN INDIAII-Political Stratification of the Indian Electorate

Political Stratification of the Indian Electorate Bashiruddin Ahmed The outcome of any election is the product of the choices of politically active and motivated voters as welt as those of voters who are largely apolitical in their attitudes. The outcome of the 1967 election has one meaning for the future if the setback suffered by the Congress party was the result of 'peripheral' voters supporting the opposition parties and a totally different meaning if the Opposition successes were built on the support of the politically aware and active segments of the electorate.

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