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Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Right of Self-Determination

Mere change of political status may not ensure a people's freedom to pursue their economic, social and cultural development. Would there still be the urge for self-determination if people are able to get this freedom? In many cases, democracy and federalism can satisfy the urge for self-determination better than secession and independence.

Interlocutors, Task Forces and Ground Realities in J&K

The interlocutors and task forces now at work in Jammu and Kashmir can come up with something useful only if they pay attention to regional aspirations and recommend measures to end grievances in the three regions of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh.

Deoband Ulema in Pakistan

While I agree with S Akbar Zaidi that Pakistan is increasingly influenced more by the west than by a south Asian identity (EPW, 9 May), Indian Islamic schools like the Deoband and Barelvi are not altogether absent of influence.

On Parochial Tendencies

Pritam Singh, in his letter (EPW, 25 April 2009), has misunderstood my comments (EPW, 4 April 2009) on a word of caution against possible parochial tendencies in regional nationalism.

Islam, Muslims and Ethnicity

Ethnicity is an important factor underlying current rebellions in many parts of the world, including in Afghanistan where the violence is wrongly interpreted as fundamentalist Islam at work.

Bengali Nationalism

The editorial entitled “Stalemate in Bengal?” (EPW, 21 March 2009) identifies some important factors that explain the politics of the state. I would like to add that the sentiment of Bengali patriotism has also mattered in influencing the political behaviour of Bengalis.

View from Jammu

I have read the recently published writeups on Sachin Chaudhuri and Economic Weekly (EW) with great interest and with a sense of nostalgia.

Jammu and Kashmir: The Issue of Regional Autonomy

The current agitation in Jammu and Kashmir is essentially a means of expression for pent-up regional grievances. While alienation in Kashmir seeks an outlet in secession, militancy or religious orthodoxy, in Jammu its traditional vents have been communalism or ultra- nationalism. Unless and until the aspirations of the three ethnically distinct regions of the state (Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh) are reconciled, there will always be pretexts for conflict. Even if the current tussle over land transfer in relation to the Amarnath pilgrimage is resolved, discontent over the lack of regional autonomy would seek other means of release in the near future.

Nikahnamas for Muslims

May I refer to some more drafts that have been used by Muslim men and women?

Independence, Autonomy and Freedom in Kashmir?

The concept of "Azadi" in Kashmir has been misunderstood by those who are fighting for independence, misused by those who are swearing by autonomy and has not been implemented in its substantial meaning in Kashmir.

Nationalism - Boon or Curse?

I read Amartya Sen’s ‘Is Nationalism a Boon or a Curse?’ with as much interest as his writings deserve. But on a few points I tend to have a somewhat different view.

Clues to Understanding Jinnah

In Quest of Jinnah Diary: Notes and Correspondence of Hector Bolitho edited by Sharif al Mujahid


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