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Royal Regression and the Question of a Democratic Republic in Nepal

It is a matter of serious concern that even two months after the palace coup in Nepal, the democratic forces have not been able to come up with an effective and coordinated plan of resistance against the autocratic monarchy. In this context, the question of an anti-monarchy common minimum programme acceptable to all, including the parliamentary and revolutionary forces and international community, is important. It is the considered view of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists) that the programme of election to a representative constituent assembly and institutionalisation of the democratic republic is best suited for the purpose. No one should be in doubt that without the complete abolition of the archaic institution of feudal monarchy and its puppet, the Royal Nepal Army, no form of democracy can be secure in Nepal.

Nepal: Triangular Balance of Forces

A retrogressive royal coup d'etat has been executed in the country and an autocratic monarchy has been restored by nullifying the limited democratic rights won after the 1990 people's movement. Whether the parliamentary political parties would be allowed to function or not and the 1990 Constitution would be formally scrapped or not, is just a matter of convenience and expediency to the autocratic monarchy.

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