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Revisiting Drought-Prone Districts in India

The Drought-Prone Areas Programme and the Desert Development Programme launched by the Government of India during the 1970s used rainfall and irrigation as the two criteria to ameliorate the impact of drought in the targeted districts. This article revisits the eligibility criteria in light of the recent climatic classification and irrigation statistics.

Myths about Small Water Harvesting Systems

The article on water harvesting and artificial recharge in naturally water-scarce regions (30 August 2008) makes a number of assertions about small water harvesting systems that are based on faulty assumptions and inadequate information.

Theory of Administration

9 The Bangladesh Observer, January
10 The number of madrassas in 1980 was more than 2,500, For details .see 1980 Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh, Dhaka June 1961,

Theory of Administration

January 22, 1983 Statements by the state government authorities indicate that they have realised that the problems of Bombay cannot be solved at local levels and that there is the need for planning at the regional level The organisations of industrialists have come out in open with problems that they are currently facing in managing the industries. Militant trade union organisations with their determination to continue with their agitation will help in hastening the action on the declarations of the government and the industrialists. One should not be surprised, therefore, if the UN projection of population of Bombay of 17 million for year 2000 does not come true and if one notices in the future out- migration from Bombay as is already noticed from the City proper. And this will not be a new phenomenon since it has been already experienced in Calcutta Metropolitan area.

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