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Declining Incidence of Poverty in the 1980s-Evidence versus Artefacts

Declining Incidence of Poverty in the 1980s Evidence versus Artefacts B S Minhas L R Jain S D Tendulkar By constructing appropriate cost of living indices, which allow for the observed variations in consumption patterns and prices across states, the state-specific rural and urban poverty norms as well as the corresponding estimates of the incidence of poverty in 20 states and all-India in 1987-88 are presented, A set of criteria for ranking of states according to poverty alleviation performance is suggested. However, the reported numerical exercise in ranking is taken to reflect only a descriptive monitoring of the observed performance of different states between 1970-71 and 1987-88, without any pretensions to the analysis of the underlying causes of inter-state differences in performance on the poverty front.

Evolving an Employment Policy for the 1990s-What Do the Data Tell Us

What Do the Data Tell Us?
Pravin Visaria B S Minhas The National Sample Survey is a much better source of data on unemployment than the information gathered from employment exchanges. The quinquennial surveys of 1972-73, 1977-78, 1983 and 1987-88 have provided valuable independent data on the sectoral pattern and the pace of change in employment and unemployment.

NSS Consumer Expenditure Data-Further Comment

NSS Consumer Expenditure Data Further Comment ONE must welcome Arun Ghosh's statement in his Rejoinder (EPW, January 27) that he "meant no disparagement to the body of scientists, statisticians and other workers engaged in collecting and analysing data for the NSS". His "sincerest apologies" are gratefully accepted in behalf of "all statisticians and others in the NSSO" However, Ghosh's Rejoinder offers some fresh observations, which deserve to be examined and replied to.

NSS Consumer Expenditure Data-A Comment

NSS Consumer Expenditure Data A Comment B S Minhas IN search of dues to the 'Mystery of a Declining Capital-Output Ratio' Arun Ghosh (November 18,1989) seems to have spun some brand new but different mysteries of his own. And he has created his new constructs out of data and matter which, on his own admission, are "only remotely related to the issue of capital-output ratio''. One discovery of Ghosh has led him to believe that the real picture of inequalities in levels of living and wealth in rural India can, by and large, be drawn without detailed distributional data produced by statisticians. Let us examine how Ghosh draws one such picture.

Leadership, Public Policy and Socio-Economic Development

Leadership, Public Policy and Socio-Economic Development B S Minhas This paper outlines a conceptual frame for a discussion of the contemporary environment of public policy in India and makes suggestions for evolving appropriate institutional mechanisms for containing the distrust and disillusionment with the prevailing socio-economic framework.

Sore Tail, Sick Elephant

B S Minhas Foundations of Indian Agriculture edited by Vadilal Dagli; Vera and Co, Bombay, 1968; pp xvi
THIS book, the first in the Commerce Economic Studies series, consists of thirty essays by as many authors plus an introductory contribution by the editor. It also contains a fifty-page section of statistical tables and charts and fourteen pages of selected bibliography relating to agriculture. Except for three new contributions, one each by Naik, Vyas and Patel, all the other essays (as well as the editor's contribution) are reprinted from the Commerce Annual of 1967. These essays are classified in seven broad themes

Growth with Stability-A Framework for Agricultural Planning

Many investment planning models have been built for the Indian economy, but in all of them agriculture has been represented by a few magical co-efficients.

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