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When America Was Reticent

When America Was Reticent B Ramesh Babu American Diplomacy and Independence for India by R C Jauhri; Vora and Company, Bombay, 1970; pp xi + 160; Rs 12.

The Near North

only their size? Or is it that they have a stake in foreign collaboration while the others have not? Or, again, is it that they take a certain view of state intervention in the economy not shared by the non-monopoly capitalists?

Masked Ball

India over the hump soon after Independence with the Nehru-Patel dium- virate.* The last chapter of the book is devoted to the Succession Contest in 1967. According to Breeher, the elite sample as a whole displayed a very high degree of consistency in its choice for the Prime Ministership throughout the crucial fortnight of the 1967 contest. Indira Gandhi, according to him "would have secured a substantial majority in the CPP had a secret ballot been held immediately after the Fourth General Election

Impressionistic Survey

A recent New China News Agency report even quoted an Indian comment to show that the Soviet Union has no backing in India. It docs not matter to Peking that the quote COITUS from the monthly People's Path, for a quote is a quote. And NCNA reported that according to the April issue of this Indian monthly, "the present leadership of the Soviet Union is trying to subvert the Indian revolution by its so-called cultural programmes. They are in this way helping the Indian reactionaries and further consolidating the grip of American imperialists on India".

The Beginning of Integration

The Beginning of Integration B Ramesh Babu Towards the Integration of Indian Slates, 1919-1947 by Urmila Phadnis ; Asia Publishing House, Bombay, 1968; pp vii + 297, Rs 25.

Nuclear Proliferation and Stability in Asia

Nuclear Proliferation and Stability in Asia B Ramesh Babu Unlike in the other regions of the world, in South, South-East and East Asia nuclear proliferation, if it means acquisition of nuclear weapons by India and Japan, may contribute to regional military stability. Emergence of an indigenous nuclear deterrence against China will increase the military options available for meeting a Chinese threat within the overall framework of the big power military equation.

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