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ANDHRA PRADESH-Tribal Forums Unite for Self Rule

would take place. Along with the top industrial class the top bureaucratic class will become thoroughly integrated into imperial markets. Already the gap between the urban and rural economies is enormous (if we exclude urban slums), and this gap is going to increase. "Americanised' riches and comforts on the one hand, mass poverty and starvation deaths on the other, will become the order of the day. We know that the dalits, bahujans and tribals will be the victims of this kind of inflation economy.

LABOUR-Women Construction Workers of Warangal

Women Construction Workers of Warangal K Murali Manohar V Shobha B Janardhan Rao THE position and status of women in any society is an index of the socioeconomic and cultural achievement of that society. There have been some changes in the position of women in India over the years but these changes are not uniform. The position and status of women also significantly varies from urban to rural, educated to uneducated, employed to unemployed, 'free' and privileged class to unprivileged class and the upper economic strata to lower economic strata of women. It also varies among the women doing different jobs. Though the position of women in India is not unique when compared to the women in other developing countries, it still presents certain distinct features due to traditions, economic backwardness and long history of exploitation of women in various facets of Indian social life. The reasons for the low status and position of women belonging to lower strata are one and the same in all the ages irrespective of the changes that have occurred in society.

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