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Act East?

Premature enthusiasm for foreign funding of projects in the North East must be replaced with caution to protect local interests.

The Scent of Politics

The Meghalaya government’s cherry blossom festival is more a marketing stunt to attract tourists than an expression of the state’s culture.

Losing Sight

A noted documentary from the American Public Broadcasting Service reminds us, 25 years on, that “business is war” even amidst a denial of disaster and a hope in systemic resurrection.

Lingo Bingo

Travelling through Kolkata, the overwhelming feeling is that language, especially in the markets, has changed--for reasons of politics, the economy and hegemony.

The Khasis as Hindus

Hindu religious practices may have influenced present day monotheistic Christinatity prevalent among the Khasis. However the cultural and religious linkages between Hinduism and Christianity in Khasi Hills need to be investigated keeping in mind that there was no defined centre for the Hindu faith and the influence may have been more syncretistic than partisan. 

Shillong Redux

Remembering the tensions, insecurities and fears of a past in Shillong rife with racial and cultural stereotypes stirs up contending and contentious memories.

Shillong Shining

The efforts of a new crop of young writers in Meghalaya are sowing the seeds of what can be called a “Shillong canon”.

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