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Automotive Industry in Emerging Economies-A Comparison of South Korea, Brazil, China and India

The automotive industry in South Korea, Brazil, China and India is currently going through impressive growth. Governments have played a key role in the evolution of the industry in all these countries. South Korea, a relatively late entrant to the automobile industry, has made the most significant progress, and is now exporting cars to developed markets. It is the only country that invested in R and D for product development, retained management control in joint ventures with multinational companies (MNCs), and had ambitious export targets. The industry in Brazil is older than that in South Korea, but indigenous product development capabilities are lacking and manufacturing competitiveness is limited even though the industry' is entirely controlled by MNCs. The Indian industry is experiencing a revolution with rapid growth and the entry of the largest number of MNCs. The Chinese industry is also growing very rapidly although it is still highly fragmented. We trace the evolution of the industry in these growing markets and explore the linkages between government policy, the degree of managerial control and indigenous capabilities and competitiveness.

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