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Instability, Inequity and Growth

the rate of economic growth has been rather slow and not enough jobs are being created especially for the educated youth. Hence the recurring campaigns in Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, and now, though with a different slant, on a particularly large scale in Assam, for eviction of outsiders' and 'foreigners'. A section of Hindu Meithis of Manipur turned extremist and secessionist largely due to the fact that their loyalty was taken for granted and they felt discriminated against, in the background of the militant tribes of the region. In Tripura, the tribal unrest started mainly due to the transfer of tribal lands to the Bengali majority. All this makes ground for the extremist and secessionist movements,, inter- ethnic clashes (the recent case being the carnage in Tripura in June 1980), and border disputes between different states and Union territories of the region. By implication the author seems to A HIGHER output growth can have two negative fall-outs. The instability of production may increase and the distribution of output (between diffe- Tent persons and different regions) may worsen. These factors are of particular importance in agriculture where the levels of instability and inequality are, intrinsically high. For planning an agricultural growth strategy, it is consequently essential to understand whether there are significant trade-offs between growth on the one hand and production instability and inequality On the other hand.

Planning Technology

Planning Technology Ashoka Mody Planning the Technological Transformation of Developing Countries, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development; Untied Nations Publication, New York. 1981; pp x 63, $7.00.

Growth, Distribution and the Evolution of Agricultural Markets

This paper aims to explore the relationship between growth and the distribution of growth, on the one hand, and the development of the commodity and labour markets, on the other. The period consider-

Dynamics of Rice Trade

December 12, 1981 Gupta could have attempted to give a more rounded picture of merchant politics of Surat. As it is, the reader is left with the impression that elite conflict constituted the only politics of the city.


Strategies for Equity Ifzal Ali B M Desai R Ramakrishna V S Vyas This paper attempts to focus on the prospects and problems of Indian agriculture by the turn of the century. Its emphasis is mainly on issues relating to distribution, and the increasing of the purchasing power of the poorest segments of the population.

Commercialisation of Agriculture

Commercialisation of Agriculture Ashoka Mody Marketable Surplus and Market Dependence: A Study of a Millet Region by M V Nadkarni; Allied Publishers, 1980; pp xvi + 176,


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