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Kultikri West Bengal s Only All-Women Gram Panchayat

Gram Panchayat KULTIKRI is one among the many obscure, insignificant villages in the tribal-dominated Jhargram sub-division of Midnapore district. Situated on the metal road between Belda, a brisk commercial centre, and Jhargram along which a few private buses ply between sunrise and sunset. Kultikri had nothing specially of which its inhabitants could be proud. Days were dull with typical primitive agricultural activities on hostile undulated fields, partly interrupted by Monday's weekly haat. And the nights were long and totally dark.

Girl Child in Three Indian States

While education is essential for empowering the girl child, it is even more important to recognise the services she renders. Household surveys in West Bengal, Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh reveal that all girl children in rural households are in fact disguised child labourers, with the degree of exploitation varying with socio-economic backwardness.

Politics of a Food Crisis

Whereas the West Bengal public distribution system requires a lakh and a half tonnes of rice per month the centre's allocation has been far short of this amount. The state government's note to the centre intimating the required amount elicited a peculiar response

calcutta-Public Health Services in a Mess

Public Health Services in a Mess Ashim Mukhopadhyay The appalling state of public health services in Calcutta has been highlighted once again, this time by the mass deaths of new-born babies at the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital because of, according to the official explanation, "overcrowding".

Politics and Parties in West Pakistan

Ashim Mukhopadhyay With the launching of the Joi Bangla movement in East Bengal, the first stage of Pakistan's disintegration is complete. The army may win in East Bengal but only temporarily; the final victory will be with the people of Bengal The question has been raised whether there is a chance of a similar movement in West Pakistan.

EAST BENGAL-Mukti Fouj s Two Fronts

EAST BENGAL Mukti Fouj's Two Fronts Ashim Mukhopadhyay THE arrival of fresh troops from West Pakistan to recapture lost areas and the formation of a six-member Cabinet of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Bangla Desh are two very significant developments in the four weeks' war between the Mukti Fouj and Yahya Khan's army. The reason why the West Pakistani army has become so restless is not difficult to understand. In spite of being well fed and well equipped, they have been harassed and bottled up by a half-starved and unarmed people. Apprehending that the monsoon may make their condition more precarious and that they may have to die like starving mice in the besieged cantonments, the army prayed for help to Islamabad.

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