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The State as Private Property

Arun Shourie WE still have a few more fathoms to go before we touch rock-bottom. But We have gone far enough and the direction of descent is clear enough for us to characterise the current phase.

Intellectuals and the Interregnum

Intellectuals and the Interregnum Arun Shourie THE emergency forced us to look at ourselves, as if in a mirror. I would presume that most of us fell a few notches in our self-esteems.

Satyagraha and Democracy

Satyagraha and Democracy Arun Shourie IT has become the custom nowadays for some to assert that direct action in the form of satyagraha does not have any place in a democracy, I take it that even those who make this assertion allow that satyagraha is legitimate in a dictatorship: Almost by definition a dictator would have choked up all the channels through which the people might have their voice heard and so, unless one asserts that the people have no right at all to . press their views, one must recognise the legitimacy of satyagraha in that situation.

Economics, Economists and Policy-Makers-Some Preliminary Hypotheses

Some Preliminary Hypotheses Arun Shourie Indian economists have shared with the rest of the elite the assumption that radical change is fust not possible in India. They have supplemented this assumption with another one: that such marginal change as is possible can only be brought about by a handful of policy-makers

National Accounts and the Regression Enthusiast

National Accounts and the Regression Enthusiast Sri Lanka: A Study Arun Shourie National accounts of countries are used to assess current developments and to view these developments in the perspective of the past. Small changes are dutifully reported and various sorts of ratios are compiled. These changes and ratios are then compared to the values of similar changes and ratios in the past hi the particular country and to the corresponding values for other countries.

India An Arrangement at Stake

contribution to national product of the components shifted around is not separately known. If the CSO were to give the figures for such components separately when changes occur in classifications, one could make the sectoral series comparable with previous figures to the extent one can by readjusting the 1970-71 and 1971-72 figures. At least for 1970-71 to 1972-73 separate figures should have been therefore given. Obviously, when the whole sector like mining and quarrying is shifted to the primary sectors for sub- I DO NOT know of any country that has as much unexploited

On Citing the Scriptures

August 25, 1973 On Citing the Scriptures Arun Shourie DURING the past three weeks two persons

Controls and the Current Situation-Why Not Let the Hounds Run

Why Not Let the Hounds Run?
CONTROLS have become a habit with us. Within Government circles the habit is by now so deeply ingrained, that the advantages of a proposal for a fresh control have no longer to be demonstrated. They arc assumed to be self- evident. Whenever the Government learns that an existing control is not working well its reflex action

The Garibi-Hatao Debate-An Obituary Notice

The 'Garibi-Hatao' Debate An Obituary Notice Arun Shourie FOR quite a while the rich in India have been arguing about the best ways of helping the poor. It has truly been a Lincolnian debate : a debate of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Attempts are now being made to defuse the issue. We are being reminded that banishing poverty is no easy matter. At first Morarji Desai was standing in the way. Later it was the old management of the banks. Later still it was the new management of the banks. Then the country was engulfed by refugees. Now nature

Conservative Influence of Liberalism-Indian Reappraisals

Conservative Influence of Liberalism Indian Reappraisals Arun Shourie In spite of the familiar indices of progress little has changed in the 25 years of the country's independence in regard to two crucial matters. First, all evidence suggests that no progress has been made in reducing the absolute numbers of those who live below the poverty line. Second, little progress has been made in destroying privilege. Some of the most odious forms of privileges have indeed been done away with; but new privileges have replaced these. In fact, many of the policies and instruments that were designed to destroy the advantages of the privileged and the propertied appear in retrospect to have buttressed the very advantages they were intended to eliminate.

Demand for Fertilisers The Inhibition of Numbers

of Numbers Arun Shourie The primary purpose of "Effective Demand for Fertilisers in India", the outcome of a joint endeavour by the Indian Government and the World Bank, is to provide a forecast of aggregate demand for fertiliser in the country in 1978-79. Its analysis of the factors influencing demand for fertilisers is thus aimed at enabling a better estimate of that demand.

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