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Understanding Mobile Phone Radiation and Its Effects

There is as yet no conclusive evidence of an adverse effect of mobile phone use on people's health. An inter-ministerial committee has, however, asked that mobile phone manufacturers prominently display certain health-related technical features. With telecom use exploding in India and with the haphazard growth of the telecom infrastructure (mobile towers) it helps to be careful in using mobile phones.

Managing and Utilising Spectrum More Efficiently

India manages the valuable resource of spectrum in a terribly inefficient manner, costing the citizen services and the government considerable revenue. Cognitive radio technology provides us with a neat way out of our so-called shortage in spectrum. It can intelligently detect which communication channels are in use and which are not, and instantly move into vacant channels while avoiding occupied ones. This optimises the use of available spectrum while minimising interference to other users. By insisting that any new user of spectrum must adopt smart technology that does not interfere with existing users, large segments of highly underutilised spectrum can be used in new ways.

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