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Gendered Citizenship and Women's Movement

Gendered citizenship involves an assessment of the binaries of the private-public and questions the way public is associated with material and private with cultural. It is concerned with the gendered access to infrastructure, housing and livelihoods. This paper examines how the citizenship rights of women in India are framed within the social structures of caste, class and ethnicity. In addition, it discusses to what extent an Indian woman's formal rights give her substantive rights as a citizen. It also shows how the Indian women's movement has theorised the changing nature of citizenship rights in time and context.

Guaranteed Employment and Gender Construction

Gender analysis of Maharashtra's Employment Guarantee Scheme has focused on the "women-friendly" nature of the scheme as it attracted a large number of women workers. This paper argues that it is not the presence of a large number of women as EGS workers that makes the scheme women-friendly, but that this presence makes possible their mobilisation by organisations that have leftist and feminist ideologies. Through this mobilisation, not only "women-friendly" provisions - such as equal wages, provision of crèches, shelter, maternity benefits and close proximity of EGS works - get implemented, but women raise new concerns, which critique gender discrimination.

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