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Disaster Unpreparedness in Assam

Assam is located in the maximum earthquake risk zone, yet disaster management preparedness is practically non-existent. Ex ante preparations and not ex-post relief operations are what Assam and Guwahati need.

ARUNACHAL PRADESH-Congress Maintains Its Hold

has been done in terms of building a genuine secular atmosphere even of the composite culture variety. It is not certain how far the chief minister's policy of projecting a section of Muslim power brokers and criminal elements on the one hand and encouraging all sorts of brahminical, reactionary and communal Hindu elements will help in anti- communalism. The latter under Mulayam anti-communalism' has become an open form of political manipulation and opportunism which came to the fore in the reception given to the visiting Iranian head of state Rafsanjani at Lucknow where, projections like 'Mulayam the protector of Muslims and Shere-Hind, etc, went hand in hand with a total silence on the real problems of the Muslims. This has become the practice with dalits and backwards who are showing increasing restlessness going beyond sops like control of power and reservations. Worse, as was evident in incidents of communal rioting in Moradabad and other places, there are signs of a dangerous backlash or communally sensitive situation developing with Mulayam himself tilting towards the Congress with all its familiar planks of soft communalism and creating a fear psychosis amongst the minorities. The BJP thus remains a threat necessary for Mulayam's survival.

ARUNACHAL PRADESH-Tension over Chakma Issue

the voters The door-to-door campaign provided a political education to citizens. They became more conscious of issues and problems. One thing clearly stands out- people are no more willing to tolerate parties with promises. What they need is ARUNACHAL PRADESH performance and development. Will the Janata Dal be able to provide the aspirations placed on the party by the electorate. The people of the state will have to wait and see. The party knows the consequence of nonperformance and hence has begun its innings with caution and tact.

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