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Levelised Cost of Electricity for Nuclear Power Using Light Water Reactor Technology in India

The development of nuclear power generation in India is proposed to be enhanced with international cooperation, for sourcing fuel and setting up commercial nuclear power plants. The cost of power produced at such plants is examined. The levelised cost of electricity for light water reactor technology in India is estimated for once-through cycle and twice-through cycle options. A reference point for international cost comparisons is provided, and a sensitivity analysis for key input parameters is carried out. The base case, levelised cost of electricity is estimated to be 13.93 cents per kilowatt-hour and 14.13 cents per kilowatt-hour for once-through cycle and twice-through cycle options, respectively.

The Economics of Iran-Pakistan-India Natural Gas Pipeline

This paper examines the economics of the landed price of natural gas in India through the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline in comparison with the existing agreements for the import of liquefied natural gas. It reviews the natural gas demand and supply scenario in India, and assesses the efficacy of the pipeline in the context of energy security. The paper analyses the economics of natural gas supply from IPI pipeline in terms of cost of power generation and the cost of delivered power to consumers. It also briefly discusses the process of negotiations for the IPI pipeline.

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