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Microfinance Development Strategy for India

Due to the nature of the expansion of banking services in the country and constraints on banking entities, microfinance and microfinancing institutions have gained immense relevance today. The microfinance activities of banks have grown to new heights.

Criticality of HR Reforms for Public Sector Banks in the New Era

Public sector banks have successfully implemented many reform measures in the last decade. They are today facing intense competition from new generation private sector and foreign banks who have entered the market with sophisticated technology, highly competent people and a market savvy customer-centric banking approach. Though PSBs have slowly started implementing the new age banking technology to meet the challenges, the real differentiation can only be made by fundamental reforms in the area of human resources. The managerial autonomy package recently announced by the government provides sufficient leeway to PSBs to frame their own organisation-specific HR policies and systems and leverage people capabilities to reposition themselves at the marketplace. Such a reform agenda would need to get top-level attention for organisationwide impact.

Personnel Policies in Regional Rural Banks

Anil K Khandelwal The Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) were conceived as low-cost institutions to provide credit to small and marginal farmers and other down-trodden sections in the rural areas. Within a short span of a decade, the RRBs have carved out a niche for themselves among rural financing agencies. For the RRBs to achieve the tasks set for them will require highly motivated personnel and a climate which is conducive to development. However, issues of personnel policies for the RRBs have on the whole received scant attention. This neglect can prove costly in the long run. This paper is an attempt to put focus on this complex area and is divided into two sections: section I focuses on the problem areas in personnel management in RRBs and section II puts forward some suggestions for improvement of their personnel policies.

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