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Economy’s Immunity against COVID-19

This is in response to the editorial “Economics, Prudence, and a Pandemic” (EPW, 21 March 2020).

Health Insurance for Informal Sector

This pilot study explores the availability of health insurance coverage for the poor and especially women, their needs and expectations of a health insurance system, and the likely constraints in extending current health insurance benefits to workers in the informal sector. The ESIS has substantial scope for improvement of its services, particularly better utilisation of its facilities. The survey shows that the poor prefer public sector management of health care facilities.

Decentralisation: Some Initiatives in Health Sector

There have been two major kinds of reforms affecting the rural health services. One is the introduction or expansion of user fees and the other is the devolution of central responsibilities to lower levels of government. This paper reviews the various initiatives towards decentralisation in the formulation of the several World Bank assisted projects in population, health and nutrition with a focus on the problems which may arise in the effective implementation of the policy.

Burden of Injury in India

Anil Gumber Injury as a public health problem lacks public awareness and is grossly under-recognised as a serious public health threat in both developed and developing countries. In this article an effort is made to describe the spectrum of injury morbidity, disability and mortality for India from two data sources: the World Development Report 1993 data for burden of disease by cause, and the National Sample Survey Organisation data on utilisation of health services for treatment of illness and injury during 1986-87.

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