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The God Question

Looking for answers in Stephen Hawking’s last book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions


Remembering Mrinal Sen (1923–2018)

Mrinal Sen became a part of the milieu he had depicted in his films. He had direct knowledge of middle- and lower-middle-class existence, and never observed reality from a distance. He moved with the crowd, but was, perhaps, a lonely traveller in his journey towards discovering the meaning and potency of cinema.

Reform of Higher Civil Services: What Does the DoPT Communication Imply?

Any reform of the civil services, including that in the recruitment and training phase, should aim to create a band of diligent and fearless change agents whose loyalty lies primarily with the Constitution and laws of the land. The recent letter from the Department of Personnel & Training suggesting modification in rules for service and cadre allocation has ruffled a few feathers. Is it much ado about nothing? Or is something potently sinister in the offing?

An Idealist View of Radhakrishnan

Radhakrishnan has been one of the most fascinating, if a little enigmatic, figures of twentieth century India. A statesman among academic philosophers and the only philosopher among Indian statesmen, Radhakrishnan is often worshipped, some times criticised and scarcely read these days. The reputation he enjoyed during his life time is mostly in the domain of history now. The statesman-Radhakrishnan often eclipses or reinforces the philosopher-Radhakrishnan. Why did it happen so? In our anxiety to put him on a high pedestal and to deify him we have distanced this man of flesh and blood so much that we are doing a disservice not only to his memory but to ourselves as well.

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