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Kashmir after Shopian

New Delhi's triumphalism over last year's assembly elections in Kashmir and subsequent inaction run the risk of damaging the triumph of democracy in Kashmir. The large-scale protests over the recent incidents in Shopian and Baramullah should serve as a wake-up call for the political establishment to creatively and imaginatively build on proposals for autonomy, as well as political and administrative reforms which were incubated by this very dispensation during its previous term in office. These proposals, enjoying a fair degree of consensus, will address the more pressing demands of peace, dignity and security while also providing a model of federalisation for the Indian union. Will the government of India show some initiative at last, or will it allow conditions to drift as usual?

Striking a Balance

It does seem that India may not have much to mourn about the nuclear deal with the US. It has been recognised as a state with advance nuclear technology, and has been promised cooperation across the board in civilian nuclear energy. New Delhi has also managed to retain much of its strategic autonomy and the credibility of its nuclear deterrent. As we know, however, agreements on paper do not often translate into reality. The devil is in the details as well as in the implementation.

Chaos and Confusion in Russia

Amitabh Mattoo There was certainly much popular discontent and apathy, but would this have translated into active resistance had the Red Army actually acted?

Eighth END Convention

Amitabh Mattoo The economic union of Europe must include the east bloc if peace and prosperity are to be secured. Likewise closer co-operation with developing countries is necessary.

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