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Quality as Fetish

In his extremely perspicacious article “The Cost of Drugs: Beyond the Supreme Court Order” (EPW, 27 April 2013), Sanjay Nagral has identified the two most crucial aspects of access to medicines: the reluctance of prescribers to prefer generic drugs over branded products; and the reluctance of the

Tuberculosis Control

While appreciating Nora Engel and Wiebe Bijker for their insightful article "Innovating Tuberculosis Control in India", which can make an impact on policy formulation, this critique stands in favour of public-funded laboratory research, drug and diagnostic manufacturing and clinical practice.

The Science and Politics behind the 'New Delhi' Superbug

Superbugs, or drug-resistant germs, have been known for some time and so has the main reason for their emergence - the overuse and abuse of anti-biotics. However, the recent controversy over the "New Delhi" superbug shows how the politics of science research publication affects the manner in which such research is disseminated and received, both within the science establishment and in public policy. It is imperative that governments take corrective, and precautionary, measures based on a dispassionate reading of the evidence, rather than focus only on the unfortunate nomenclature used for identifying this particular germ.

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