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The Paper Industry-Consumption Trends and Projections upto 2000 AD

Consumption Trends and Projections upto 2000 AD Alka Subramanian The paper industry is one of the more capital intensive industries in the core sector. This paper estimates demand for paper, paper board and newsprint upto 2000 AD. The author recommends that until 1992, the paper and paper board industry should concentrate on utilising existing capacity more efficiently rather than on capacity creation. The newsprint industry, however, needs to increase its production capacity tremendously if dependence on imports is to be reduced. The author has estimated the optimal economic size of a paper mill to be between seventy-five thousand and one lakh tonnes per annum. It is recommended that smaller paper mills should be encouraged to expand capacity so that economies of scale in production can be realised.

Small Is Not Beautiful-A Study of the Paper Industry

A Study of the Paper Industry Alka Subramanian Government policy which has discriminated against large paper mills and favoured the small nulls sector has been largely responsible for the entry of numerous small mills into the paper industry since the mid-seventies even as there has been considerable excess capacity in the industry. The author's analysis of a sample of 28 paper mills also leads to the conclusion that small mills have higher costs of production relative to the large mills because they cannot avail of the pronounced economies of scale that characterise the paper industry The current installed capacity of the paper and paper board industry is sufficient to meet present and near- term future demand and the industry should, therefore, concentrate on utilising existing capacity rather than on fresh capacity creation. Government should aid the modernisation of large mills and small nulls should concentrate on the varieties of paper that are reserved for them. The author also suggests changes in the structure of excise duties so as to maximise capacity utilisation in the industry.

Price and Income Stabilisation Issues in the Indian Groundnut Market

in the Indian Groundnut Market Dipankar Purkayastha Alka Subramanian This paper seeks to understand the nature and causes of stagnation in the supply of a major oilseed

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