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Contradictions of European Monetary Union

Alex Callinicos European integration has been part of the global process of inter-imperialist competition both that between the two superpower blocs and that between the major European states, notably France, Germany and Britain. EMU arose from these conflicts and wilt help to sustain them. The Europe of EMU wilt therefore not be either the recovered social-democratic paradise anticipated by some of its supporters, or the continent of prosperous Americanised consumers predicted by others. It is likely to be polarised between the kind of collective action and organisation evoked by the French mass strikes and regressive ultra-nationalist Utopias evoked by the fascists.

Whither Marxism

Alex Callinicos The collapse of 'actually existing socialism' in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, and the eagerness with which surviving communist regimes such as those in China and Vietnam have embraced market capitalism, have contributed to the widespread discrediting of the very idea of socialism. Marxism has also been forced onto the defensive as an intellectual tradition with the rise of post-structuralism and post-modernism. As a prelude to a discussion of the future of Marxism, one must first consider the causes of its present marginalisation.

South Africa End of Apartheid and After

South Africa: End of Apartheid and After Alex Callinicos The South African elections of April this year were a world-historic event. The black majority's conquest of citizenship denied them under white rule represented far more than simply the elimination of the last vestiges of format colonial domination in Africa. It was the culmination of a struggle which the oppressed majority had waged in order to win acceptance of their claim to he recognised as human beings, of equal value to and with the same rights as their oppressors.

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