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What Is a Muslim-Fundamental Commitment and Cultural Identity

What Is a Muslim?
Fundamental Commitment and Cultural Identity Akeel Bilgrami This paper studies the question Whakis a Muslim?' in the dialectic of a conflict arising out of a concern for Islamic reform The conflict is one that arises because of moderate Muslims' fundamental commitment to a doctrine which contains features that are often effectively invoked by the absolutists. If a full analysis of the commitment reveals its defensive function which has disabled Muslims from a creative opposition to the absolutists, and if, moreover, this function of the commitment is diagnosed as itself based on a deep but common philosophical fallacy, it should be possible then for moderate Muslims to think their way out of this conflict and to transform the nature of their commitment to Islam, so that it is not disabling in that way.

Nation, Community and Naipauls India

Nation, Community and Naipaul's India Akeel Bilgrami India: A Million Mutinies Now by V S Naipaul; Viking 1991.
THE obscurities and passions surrounding the concept of a nation afflict some populations more than others for reasons that are so complex and so entrenched that it seems almost too much to ask for diagnosis, leave alone cure, V S Naipaul, pondering contemporary India in his new book India: A Million Mutinies Now, is not depressed by this fact. And, as one has come to expect from him, does not much bother to make an effort at diagnosis. Instead he offers a series of detailed interviews with persons chosen as typical of some aspiring community or interest group (Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Kashmiris, Punjabis, Tamils, women, communists, 'untouchables' ...) and by the end of a long book he expresses a tentative optimism about his ancestral homeland on the ground that at least these passions and these ill-understood issues are being harnessed into political and social momentum

Rushdie and Reform of Islam

'Reformation' which might have made possible the withdrawal of religion into the private realm did not occur in Islam and this is tied to the absence of an all round industrial revolution in Islamic countries. What modernisation they have achieved has been on account of oil as a result of which they have arrived at a post- capitalist bonanza without having undergone the modernisation that capitalism brings.


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