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Gandhi, Dalits and Feminists: Recovering the Convergence

The dalit/feminist critique of Gandhi and his philosophy derives from the same epistemological framework of "lived experience" that characterises Gandhian thinking and praxis as well. The "exclusive" and top-down nature in turn suggests problems in the Gandhian outlook. The emerging new identity politics (just as Gandhi's politics) is too strongly bound within experiential confines, and could only entrench the social practices which it wishes to transcend.

Antinomies of Political Society

This paper is an attempt to delve on the consequences of the antinomies of flattened notions of subaltern politics. On the basis of a field study in a pollution affected village in Andhra Pradesh, it demonstrates how sustained demands for the closure of polluting industries based on collective mobilisation and action are met by repression by an uncivil state in nexus with the mafia and economic elites. This in turn pushes collectives to break up and be replaced by interest-based demands either at the level of smaller groups (formed around available social stratifications) or even the individual. This makes it increasingly difficult over a period of time to sustain collective political action that could demand and gain long-term structural changes.

Dalit and Naxalite Movements in AP

In the course of its struggle against caste atrocities, the dalit movement in Andhra Pradesh has perceived the Naxalites as allies and, at times, as representative of the same caste hierarchy that society at large has replicated. The issue of solidarity between these movements, therefore, becomes extremely crucial not only in shaping them, but also in determining the nature of social transformation in times to come. This paper is an attempt to construct a narrative of the evolution of the dalit movement through its various phases and its interaction with the Naxalite movement in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh: Some Contemporary Trends

A seminar in Hyderabad discussed a broad range of issues relating to economic, political and cultural trends in Andhra Pradesh with wide participation from representatives of various movements. One prominent strand that ran through the seminar was the general backwardness and poverty in the Telangana region, giving rise to armed struggle and demands for a separate state.


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