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Abolishing the District Magistrate

The question raised by D Bandyopadhyay (November 25, 2006) is timely and relevant for the next stage of local government reform in India.

Municipal Reform in India-Comparative Models and Processes

Municipal government in India is a colonial legacy which underwent very few structural changes after J 947, leading to its institutional marginalisation. The onset of liberalised political culture at the centre by the end of the 1980s resulted in the passage of the 74th Amendment in 1992. This paper discusses the institutional models and management processes of municipal government one year later, and hazards guesses about the future reform process.

Whither District Government

The present paper attempts to evaluate the structure of a proposed district government in India's federal polity. Its implications for future restructuring of local government and the states' field administration are highlighted. Also suggested in a national consensus on the need for thorough-going reforms towards decentralisation of sub-state governments.

Rent Control and Low Income Housing

in. In particular, an attempt has been made to distinguish areas of planning where the optimum period of advance decision-making is long from those where it is short (To be, continued) NOTES 1 C P Kindleberger, "Economic Development", (McGraw-Hill, 1965) p3.

Without Overall Reference

Without Overall Reference Abhijit Datta Metropolitan Finance in a Developing Economy: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Financing Urban Development

Abhijit Datta The assumption that urban development should pay for itself ignores its essentially non-viable and redistributive nature. Similarly, in view of the scattering of fiscal powers and developmental responsibility among the various layers of government, it is unrealistic to suggest that urban development must increasingly rely on the internal resources of metropolitan areas.

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