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Federalism in a Globalising World

Federalism is indeed in ferment. Pressures have been generated for decentralisation of powers and functions of governments from national to lower levels paving the way for competitive federalism on the one hand and on the other for inter-governmental cooperation to regulate or resolve the conflicts and externalities that such competition creates. How to get India's federalism to respond positively and adapt to the needs of a globalising world was the theme of a seminar in Delhi last month. A report.

Taming the Tax Man The US Way

It might perhaps restore some confidence in the tax administering agencies in India if at least some of them, like the two central tax boards, were put under a truly independent and properly empowered oversight panel as the US Congress is seeking to do for the Internal Revenue Service. But wilt our legislators see the merits of the move?

UNITED STATES-Mending Medicare

personnel like contractors, voluntary bodies, etc", is objectonable because voluntary bodies are in close contact with the village communities and this is the easiest of the antimalarial operations in which the villagers can contribute. Also, till the NMEP manages to get a large workforce, the spraying of the remote areas will continue to suffer.

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