2020: EPW's Year End Review

Explore seven interactive features created by EPW Engage to make sense of a tumultuous year.

2020 has seen a change in the policies of the government across sectors—from labour and agricultural reforms to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Has the pandemic provided a convenient backdrop for the government to implement policies that may not be all that beneficial to public interest? We...
The public health challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic did not deter protestors across the country from voicing their concerns. Protests remained an integral part of the political landscape in 2020. From the CAA NRC protests and communal riots in January to the farmers’ protest in December, large...
Every year, the Economic & Political Weekly publishes 52 issues comprising scholarship, commentary on contemporary affairs, and essays. In this feature, we look back at the research, reports and reviews that were published in 2020 and connect with some of the minds behind the research.
EPW goes beyond being just an academic journal in that it also acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas across the social science disciplines—sociologists respond to political scientists, political scientists debate economists, and economists take on historians. In this feature, we take you...
The digital is no longer just the future. It is a present fractured by unequal access to resources, knowledge, and social capital. This resource kit brings together 170+ articles on the COVID-19 crisis published in EPW this year. 
One of the few pleasures that wasn’t hit by this year’s turmoil was reading. Here are our excerpts from 20 book reviews published in 2020.
The year 2020 forced us to revisit the question of what “home” means to us. Six articles published in EPW expand and deepen our understanding of the multiple meanings of home. 
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